Keep Your Eyes & Ears Open

I couldn’t get any takers to join me at the Library of Congress last week when I was up in Washington.  The Air & Space and Natural History Museums won out.  They were packed too-I’d forgot what summer is like in DC.  So I took a break from writing while I toured around town and hung out with my family, but still kept my eyes and ears open for ideas.

Some of the best nuggets in my stories come from quick observations or a quirky saying someone busts out with.  This time it was a voice that sounded like metal scrapping metal from a woman in an over-sized umbrella wearing black leather pants in the sweltering heat as my husband and I ate popsicles outside the Hirshorn.  I wanted to snap a photo with my camera but I dared not. She’ll have to float in my memory until I write about her on an index card to store for a future story.  In the meantime, here’s the next animal we plan to adopt.