Creativity or Chaos?

I went over to my fellow writer and friend, Lisa Downey’s house. She proudly showed me the changes she’d made to her work studio- new placement of furniture, tools hanging, manuscripts in binders with titles on the spine, inspiring things around.  I was impressed.

Now I’m a pretty organized girl. My studio is fun and colorful and leads right into a beautiful funky garden, everything is neat and organized, but my studio holds a little secret too— an unruly closet that when there is no other place to put “something”, that “something” finds its way onto the shelves of the closet.

There are manuscripts sitting next to paint tubes, a velvet cape and crown on top of my famous sticker box (yeah, stickers are great!) and important legal documents floating on top of artwork, ready to be filed away one of these days.

The conversation Lisa and I had, was how much chaos is really due to creativity? She busted out with a book about women and their “workspaces” and that just shut me up on the spot.  Each picture was lovelier than the next, and everything had its place. So today, I am spending the afternoon organizing my “lively” closet.  Wish me luck.

The before picture…