The Writing Group

About ten years ago, I found I had time to write again.  I put free ads in local papers, posted flyers in public libraries and school workrooms asking for interested children’s book writers (or people thinking about writing for children) to meet on a monthly
basis.  What we ended up with was a combination of adult poets, adult fiction, adult nonfiction, an illustrator and
two children’s writers.  The group was fun, but I wasn’t getting what I needed out of it and that was a focus on kids lit.  So after five years, the group “broke up” and the children’s writers (all two of us) set off on an exclusive path that thankfully led to more writers who wrote for children. We have a group of eight now. We send our work a week before meeting and we are kind and supportive to each other.  The one thing I love about my local writing group is when I leave, I’m always more inspired that when I came.
Just being around other writers can do that to me.  The talent and energy that floats around for those two to three hours we’re together is better than any motivational book,an Oprah give-away, or an extra scoop of Moose Tracks ice cream.  It took me a while to find that good
combination but now that we have it-we’re unstoppable!

Heart image courtesy of Google Images